EP 27: CyberTech Midwest Recap and Interviews.

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This week I was able to record some interviews while attending the CyberTech Midwest Conference. At the beginning of the show I give a little recap and break some big news as it relates to the show. Thanks to Julia Kraut, Chetrice Mosley and Joel Rasmus for coming on the show!


Welcome from the racing capital of the world Speedway, IN, my name is Nick Sturgeon host and show creator. I am so very glad you are here with me this week with episode #27! This week was the inaugural of the CyberTech Midwest Conference. I want to thank the folks over at CyberTech and most especially Julia Kraut for letting me set up, record and for coming on as the show’s first two-time guest. I also want to thank my other guests Chetrice Mosley the Cybersecurity Program Director for the State of Indiana and Joel Rasmus the Managing Director of Purdue University’s CERIAS. Before I get to the interviews, I want to recap the event and give some of my thoughts about some of the things I thought were interesting.

Even before getting to all of that. This week the Cyber.Now Podcast made a major stride forward, we locked in our very first sponsor. I want to welcome Rofori Corp as the exclusive cybersecurity sponsor of the Cyber.Now Podcast. The partnership with Rofori will help push this show to the next level. I could not be more excited to make this announcement. I will talk more about Rofori here in a bit. I just wanted to thank Rofori for trusting and believing in this show. Second, I will be on the road again this week, heading to the Applied Cybersecurity Symposium at Purdue-Westgate near NSWC Crane. I am hoping to have a couple of exciting interviews while I am done there and I will be speaking on a panel on behalf of my employer. Part of next week’s show will include this symposium. I may wait to release the interviews until the week of Thanksgiving when I will be taking a much need break.

For those of you who are first time listeners thank you for tuning in. It is my goal to keep you around coming back week in and week out. If you are a returning listener, you continued support is very much appreciated. Outside of listening, I ask a couple of simple things, share the show with your network, subscribe, rate, review and go sign up for my mailing list at cyberdotnow.com for the latest news, insights and behind the scene information.

Cybertech Recap

This past week was the inaugural CyberTech Midwest Conference. Overall, this was a fantastic conference. The quality level of speakers was great. There was a nice mix of academia, government and industry. The panels were great and the session tracks were standing room only. It was great to see Gov. Holcomb take a nice chunk of his morning to attend this event. There was even an Israeli diplomate from the Chicago Consulate who spoke. Even Congresswoman Susan Brooks came and spoke. Let me touch on that a bit. Here is a long time politician who is very well thought of. I have had an opportunity to meet her when I was running the Indiana – ISAC, very nice woman. There were a few things in her presentation that just had my head shaking. It started out kind of the typical introduction stuff, happy to be here, this conference is important to Indiana and the region (which I agree with) and on. So she got into her role in congress as it relates to cybersecurity. She talked about the fighting within Congress on various cybersecurity issues i.e. the national breach notification. But really got me going was in one breath she said we (congress) are not very well educated in cybersecurity and we need you guys (those in attendance) to help them and then in the next breath goes we (congress) are trying to pass common sense cybersecurity regulations. What the heck how can you not be educated and pass common sense regulation. Now I know this is 100% grade A political talk. This is the kind of thing that happens day in and day out in Congress and the Federal Government. If you are not educated on it and are reaching out to those in industry what do you think is going to happen? This is based on mountains of history, you get regulation that only helps those companies that help “educate” those in congress. This is why this show exists. Please share this show with you congress person and senator. Help me help them! Outside of that one of my only criticisms of the conference is during the opening planiery the conversation was a tad bit state government leaning. If I have one suggestion for my friends who helped organize this event is to level out the conversation a little bit. It was great to see so many people in attendance, there were around 1000 people who showed up. I got to see a lot of friends, colleague’s and former co-workers. I cannot wait until next year and maybe I will be able to get a booth, who knows we will have to wait and see.

Julia’s interview

Chetrice’s interview

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Joel’s interview

Show Exit

That’s it for this week’s show you guys. Thank you all for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed it. I want to again thank Rofori Corp for their support of the show. Go check them out at Rofori.com. I am telling you guys if you work for or are a part of a small or midsized business\organization and you need help with cyber give them a call. Again, if you want to join in on the conversation go to the show’s web page at http://www.cyberdotnow.com, Facebook and twitter. If you want to get a hold of me directly you can find me on Twitter @The_Polititech or email me at cyberdotnow@outlook.com. Finally, please remember to go to iTunes, SoundCloud or your favorite podcasting platform: subscribe, rate, review and don’t forget to share the show. If you guys do all of that I will be back next week to do this thing again. Until then have a great week, talk to you soon.




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